17 Jan. 2016

Origami Classics – 2 pianos, 4 pianists

Origami Ensemble:
Thibaut Crassin Marie Datcharry François Mardirossian Claryana Sotero (piano)


Aphex Twin (1971 – ), Avril 14h
John Adams (1947 – ), Hallelujah Junction
Moondog (1916-1999), Bird’s Lament
Moondog (1916-1999), Barn Dance
Moondog (1916-1999), Elf Dance
Arvo Pärt (1935 – ), Fratres
Michel Lysight (1958 – ), Métaphores
Graham Fitkin (1963 – ), Flak

Supported by Ars Musica & Musiq3

A co-production Beursschouwburg, Mus-E & Origami Music

Tickets can be bought directly at the Beursschouwburg of by mail (info@origami-music.be) and paid by wire transfer

Workshop for kids between 3 and 12 (8 euros/kid, booking by email – info@origami-music.be) Only 8 places available.

Free baby-sitting for kids under 3, booking is well mandatory (info@origami-music.be)

15 euros

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MUS-E Belgium, member of the 'International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, was founded in 2000 as a non profit organisation specialized in artistic activities for children. It works as a platform for professional artists of all disciplines willing to experience their artistic research in other fields such as teaching, social activities or creative activities, in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels.

Three workshops will be held this year for kids willing to explore their sense of creativity and develop their artistic skills. The workshops are based on the same material, which are the little objects that one can found in his or her daily life. Each workshop will be the occasion to focus on a new aspect of these little treasures.

Workshop for kids on Jan. 17 : The children will gather little objects, photograph their collection and compose small sculptures. They will explore the endless possibilities of working with light and shadow to photograph their creations.


Origami Ensemble


Fondé en 2012 par 4 jeunes pianistes talentueux, Origami Ensemble joue pour partager avec le public sa passion de la musique minimaliste.

Het Origami Ensemble, dat in 2012 door 4 talentvolle jonge pianisten opgericht werd, wenst zijn passie voor minimalistische muziek met het publiek te delen.

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